Slovenia was a spur of the moment weekend road trip taken while we lived in northern Italy.  That's why there are so few photos and not much detail in our story.  But the feeling we came away with was that this not so well known European  country formerly part of Yugoslavia is a safe, comfortable and interesting destination.

The capitol, Ljubljana, is a masterpiece of old European tradition mixed with the new spirit of democracy and freedom of the post Soviet era. Slovenia seems to bubble with a sense of the future.   The steady current of the Ljubljanica River which flows through the middle of the country's capital sets the pace that characterizes Slovenia.  This is a country on the move.  Steadily the Slovenians are moving their new democr4atic state into focus of the European Union.  The most prosperous and progressive of the former Yugoslavian states, Slovenia, which borders Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary displays a healthy balance of economic activity and natural preservation of the environment.  Next to Finland and Sweden Slovenia is the third most forested country in Europe.  It is a mountainous land with a tiny (47 km) Mediterranean coastline.

Our visit consumed only one weekend, but in just a couple days we developed an appetite for the food, the scenery and the people of this friendly and well kept country.  We would go again and that should tell you that we found Slovenia to our liking.  Check out the following link for more information on this impressive European country.

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