Over the Christmas holiday of 2001 we took a break from Europe. Greg's father and step mother, Ralph and Lorene Mohler, invited us to their home in Longview, Texas. We spent three wonderful days visiting and enjoying each others company before we continued on to Cabo san Lucas on the southern tip of Baja California, Mexico.Joining us in Mexico was Greg's adult children, Ryan, Justin and Stephanie and Stephanie's friend Geth. Our first couple days were spent in Cabo during which time Ryan was able to get his open water divers training. Justin, Stephanie and Geth arrived later after we had moved to our beach cabin (soon to be a restaurant) near the town of Todos Santos on the Pacific side of the peninsula about 30 miles north. The cabin was a real "find" as it was not only located on the beach, but it was large enough to comfortable provide all of us a place to stay at a reasonable price. Lana gets credit for finding it after searching the Internet for hours.

While we were in Cabo we decided to take advantage of a time share offer. Now we will be able to entertain our friends and family each year in Baja or other really attractive locations all over the world. Stephanie and Geth came prepared to surf. When we picked them up at the airport they were hauling four boards which presented a challenging transport problem as we were only able to rent a Jeep Wrangler and a small import sedan. But with some twine and creative lashing everything got on board for the trip to Todos.

On the way we stopped in Cabo for a New Years Eve dinner at the best seafood restaurant in town. There we enjoyed huge platters of assorted seafood delicacies including the local crab and lobster. Being in Mexico we took the precaution of bringing the surf boards with us into the restaurant. They looked like they belonged in the palalapa roofed (palm frond) beach shack style building. Getting them inside was no problem as the place had no glass in the windows. The restaurant owner/manager supplied enough exuberance to keep us all entertained while the food was prepared, and the margaritas came in goblets that must have held a pint.

After dinner we headed up the west side road towards Todos Santos. Driving at night can be hazardous as wild burros and stray cattle occasionally cross the pavement. Driving more than 50 mph isn't recommended due to the sharp curves, drop off shoulders and washouts. Although the night was brilliantly clear, it was not particularly warm. Those of us in the open jeep wished for our jackets. Against the velvet backdrop of the star filled sky the jagged silhouette of the Sierra de la Laguna mountains seemed like the spine of a sleeping dragon and the up-curved arms of the giant Sugarro cacti appeared as an army of silent desert sentinels standing guard in the moonlight. It was well after midnight when we turned off the main road to follow the rutted beach track to our cabin.

The next morning we all drove up to Todos Santos for breakfast. New Years Day isn't the best time to find an open restaurant anywhere, but we managed to find an open cafe. Although the food was tasty it later caused some of us enough discomfort to make reaching for the Lopermide a necessity. After that we prepared most of our own meals in the yet unfinished kitchen of our restaurant/cabin . We even found some charcoal and constructed a makeshift BBQ from local materials.

The beaches near the cabin were fantastic and the surf was "challenging". Lana even tried some nude tanning but was discovered by three curious Mexican boys who did their best to peek while circling her and trying to maintain a respectable distance. It was a time to relax and reconnect, take a walk on the beach, nap, or read. The Mohler kids got a chance to catch up on each others lives after several years away from each other and we all enjoyed having a good time together.

Most of the photos on our Baja web page are self-explanatory. The water and rock shots were taken while we stayed in Cabo, the group shots came from the cabin and beach near Todos Santos. The Baja web page is a family reunion theme, a place for us to display our beautiful selves. For more of the interesting things to see and do in Baja check the following links:

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