Luxembourg was for us a side trip on our way to the Netherlands.  On previous trips to France and Germany we had driven near and around this charming relic of feudal Europe but never spent the time to stop and explore.  Officially called the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg it exudes the feeling that somehow you have time traveled back to the golden era of knights, ladies and royalty.  Some of the buildings that appear on our web page actually did exist during the early middle ages specifically the crumbling fortress shown in several of our photos.  Although Luxembourg has a rich and ancient heritage don't get the impression that things are backward in any sense of the word.  This small country is well organized and up-to-date.  Tourism is quite obviously one of its most prominent business activities.  There is no lack of choice of hotels, restaurants and other touristy amenities.  For a peek at some of the highlights that one can expect to find please follow the link below.

We only allowed a few hours to see the capital, Luxembourg City hence the rather few photos appearing on our page.  If you can afford the time we strongly suggest that more like two or three days be set aside for a more in-depth and satisfying tour of the other interesting sights.

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