This page is a catch all.  The intent is to record the events that make up our lives for day to day, year to year.  He we will place photos, articles, music and all other items that can be digitally recorded that will help us remember the good times of past experiences.  On this page we hope to record for our memory some of the best experiences with those who are closest in our hearts and minds.  The theme is then one of good feelings and kindred spirit.  Let this documentary be a place where we can visit from time to time to reconnect with our closest and dearest.


The first episode:

It has been six years since Greg and Lana were married.  Lana has not met any of Greg's brothers or their children.  They have been in Europe for the past three years.  It is time to tie up these loose ends.  An epic journey is planned that will take them from Italy to Washington D.C. to first meet with bother Mark and his family.  Ryan and Justin fly in from Seattle.  Everyone arrives safely and on-time to D.C.  The fun begins.  Mark and Rhea provide a tasty and informal late dinner to the travelers who then, tired from many hours in the air and on the road retire to their nearby hotel.  The next day we all meet for Christmas dinner and a chance to socialize while watching football on TV... the Redskins loose as predicted.  Sandy and Mouse cleverly manage to hookup a Macintosh PC to the TV and we watch some movies.  The next two days are filled with sightseeing in D.C. and an early Christmas unwrapping session.  On the third day the travelers head west to Cincinnati.

After an uneventful drive across parts of Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Ohio they arrive at brother Scott's home.  Everyone is awed by the magnificence of Scott and Diane's suburban estate.  Lana asks if we need to check-in and leave our passports.  Unfortunately, the elevator is not operating and the bags must be hand carried to the top floor.  But things go well and before long we are all well fed and enjoying the comfort and hospitality.  Scott being a serious collector of media has more CDs and DVDs than any two rental stores.  The next day we all bundle up and head into downtown Cincinnati for a sumptuous holiday dinner at one of the local prestige restaurants.  Christmas day we do the traditional gift exchange and sit down to a lovely dinner prepared by Diane.  We all had a chance to connect and reconnect.  Lindsay especially had a good time looking for her cell phone.

On the day after Christmas the hearty travelers head north to Dayton to catch a cheap flight to Boston.  There they rent a car and drive the following day to Rockland, Maine where they stay for one week for sight seeing and skiing.  Maine turns out to be an interesting experience.  We enjoy skiing at some of the well known eastern ski resorts like Sugar Loaf Mountain and even manage to get over to New Hampshire for day of skiing at Breton Woods.  For those of you too young to remember, Breton Woods is the location of the famous resort that hosted a conference of world leaders following WWII.  At the conference such things took place as the establishment of the world bank, the IMF, establishment of the US dollar as the international monetary standard, and several other important international financial agreements.  Based on the price of lift tickets at Breton Woods it seems that they still feel like they are setting world standards.  We paid about $60 per ticket which is by far the most expensive skiing we have yet experienced.  But it was a good time and we saved a lot on the hotel room which I would rate at about a one star.  What can you expect for $25 a night.  So it all evened out.  The trip back to Europe was uneventful... the way you like it when traveling.

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